Poem Texts Online by Norbert Krapf
  1. From American Dreams: Reveries and Revisitations (2013)

  2. From Songs in Sepia & Black and White (2012) (Scroll down.)

  3. From Sweet Sister Moon

  4. From Bloodroot: Indiana Poems (2008)

  5. From Invisible Presence (2006)

  6. From Looking for God’s Country (2005)

  7. From The Country I Come From (2002)

  8. From Bittersweet: Poems of Long Island (2000)

  9. From Blue-Eyed Grass: Poems of Germany (1997), Looking for God’s Country, Sweet Sister Moon (See pull-down menu at bottom)

  10. From Somewhere in Southern Indiana (1993) (See pulldown menu at bottom.)

  11. For other poem texts, Google Cybersoleil, Flying Island, Valpariaso Poetry Review, Contemporary American Voices, Connotation Press, or “Norbert Krapf Poems.”