Norbert Krapf, Bloodroot: Indiana Poems (Indiana Univ. Pr., 2008)

Table of Contents

I. Somewhere in Southern Indiana (1993)
The Forefather Arrives
Entering the Southern Indiana Wilderness
Cutting Wood
The Woods of Southern Indiana
Indigo Bunting
Purple Trillium
Tulip Poplar
Skinning a Rabbit
Darkness Comes to the Woods
Southern Indiana
St. Meinrad Archabbey
To Obscure men
Two Bricks and a Board
My Father Young Again
A Terre Haute Story
Hoosier Songs
A Civil War Veteran from Indiana
For an Old Friend
Basketball Season Begins
Somewhere in Southern Indiana

II. Bittersweet Along the Expressway (2000)
Arriving on Paumanok
Sycamore on Main Street
Ancestral Voices
Weeping Willow
Gatsby Country
The Roslyn Forge
Song of the Music Stand
A Midwestern Story
A Dream of Plum Blossoms

III. The Country I Come From (2002)
A Whiff of Fresh Sheets
Full Circle
The Language of Place
The Language of Species
What We Lost in Southern Indiana
The Buffalo Trace
What the Miami Call Themselves
Song of the Mississinewa
Mississinewa River Lament
Mississinewa Cottonwood Leaf
Lines Heard in Northern Indiana Cornfields
Fire and Ice
One Voice from Many
Pastoral Poetics
The Corn Cave
Hauling Hay
Milk Music
The Labor Day Boxes
The Horseradish Man
When the House Was New
Woods Hymn
His Only Hickory Sapling
The Martin Box
The Potato Barrows
Gathering Hickory Nuts
The Quilters
Saturday Night at the Calumet
Because I Could Not Stop
Song for Bob Dylan
Odysseus in Indiana
Return to a Mighty Fortress
Song for a Sister
The Dropped Pigskin
Dream of a Hanging Curve
Dorothy and the Jewish Coat
The Mandolin and the Tenor
Let Morning Light
Hugging the Spirit
Farewell Lullaby
At Least Now
The Reunion

IV. Looking for God's Country (2005)
Letter from a Star Above Southern Indiana
The Nest
Strawberry-Patch Song
The Gardener
Chicken in the Woods
Godfather's Fishing Knife
Patoka River Canoe Trip
Barnyard Hoops
The Schneebrunzer
What the Map Says
God's Country
The Storyteller
Where Trees Are Tall
The Piankashaw in the Sycamore
Coming into the Valley
Dark and Deep
Moon Shadow
The Time Has Come

V. Invisible Presence (2006)
The Language of Red
Corn Blowing in the Wind
The Blue Road
The Space Between
Bovine Beauty
Corn Syllables
Cut Earth
Whitman's Web
Deaton's Woods
Woods Meditation
David Ignatow's Trees
Bare Tree Song
Tale of the Red Barn
Two Kittens
Midwestern Scene
A Red Barn for the Joads
What's in Wood?
I Remember When
Close Look
Flower Interior
Rilke's Shadow
Army of Orange
Left in a House
What If Fish?
For Whom the Bell?
Picket Fence
Walking the Streets
The Court House Bench
The Man in the Red Cap
Neighborhood Muse
Hoosier Poetry Reading
Song of the Red Covered Bridge

VI. Local News: Poems 2005-2007
Sister Soap
Clothesline Saga
Little Red Worms from Tennessee
Dolls and Guns
The Local News
Two Bottles of Beer
Cemetery Wind
The Egg in My Hand
Lindauer's Woods
Father, Teach Me
Old Henry
Wilson's Drugstore
The Rustic Tavern
Sister Query
Fishing Again After Many Years
Patoka River Carp
The Blueberry Bush
Call of the Quail
The Rosary
Silent Prayer
Eighth Anniversary
Brother, Brother
Indiana Sycamore
Patoka Lake Morning
Woods Chapel
Palm Light
Bend in the Road
In Transit
Prayer to Peyton Manning
I'm Practically with the Band
What Have You Gone and Done?
On the Road with the Hampton Sisters
Etheridge Knight's Blues

Etheridge Knight at the Chatterbox
Song Out of Darkness for Jake Hale
For Kurt Vonnegut, Pilgrim Unstuck in Time
Spring Waters

Further online poems