Recorded Readings

  1. Reading of 9/11 poem “Prayer to Walt Whitman at Ground Zero,” with interview

  2. Same interview on 9/11 with visuals on YouTube: Parts One and Two

  3. Garrison Keillor reading of “Boy Scouts Camping Out” on The Writer’s Almanac.

  4. Garrison Keillor reading of “Uncle” on The Writer’s Almanac.

  5. Chamomile from Somewhere in Southern Indiana

  6. The Forefather Arrives / Der Vorfahr kommt an from Somewhere in Southern Indiana

  7. Song of the Black Forest from Blue-Eyed Grass

  8. He Portrays Himself on Wood from Blue-Eyed Grass

  9. Fall Day / Herbsttag & Fall / Herbst from Shadows on the Sundial: Selected Early Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke.

  10. The Treasure of Raueneck from Beneath the Cherry Sapling

  11. Excerpts from Finding the Grain: Pioneer German Journals and Letters from Dubois County, Indiana.